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GCI has 11 dedicated staff members to handle our client’s needs. Our staff members have extensive experience providing community engagement, public information and real estate acquisition, relocation and estimating services for planning, design, and construction projects and other key programs for local municipalities, regional and state agencies, and large corporations. We have in-house bilingual outreach staff who provide hands-on outreach to Spanish-speaking stakeholders, as well as established relationships with vendors to provide written Spanish translation of materials. In addition, our associates and graphic design vendors provide a full range of graphic design and website services.

GCI is certified

  • WBE (Arizona)
  • SBE (Arizona)
  • DBE (Arizona, California and New Mexico)


Theresa Gunn – President/Owner

Public Engagement / Facilitation / Partnering / Strategic Planning

As President of GCI, Theresa has led hundreds of projects for government agencies, businesses, and non-profit organizations. She has more than 27 years of experience in community involvement, community-based planning, meeting facilitation, project management, and government relations. She oversees every project and customizes each one to her clients’ specific needs. Theresa has completed training courses in citizen participation, group facilitation, and strategic planning processes, including the International Association for Public Participation (IAP2) Certificate course. An active member of IAP2 since 1995, Theresa has served as Deputy Presiding Member of the International Board of Directors and past president of IAP2 USA.

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Project Managers

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Debi “Jaye” Jackson

Project Management / Public Information / Community Outreach / Marketing

Jaye Jackson has more than 24 years of experience in public relations, marketing, communications, and management with 18 years as a public information liaison in the transportation industry in the greater Phoenix region. In this role, she develops and implements public outreach plans; coordinates public meetings and project groundbreaking/dedication ceremonies; creates newsletters and press releases, and represents projects to the public. Jaye works to build consensus between people with varied outlooks and successfully facilitates a “meeting of the minds” to bring conflicts to resolution. She has completed more than 300 projects throughout Arizona and brought over 5,000 citizen complaints to resolution without escalation. Jaye has served as public information officer on many multi-faceted and challenging projects, including the Arizona Canal/Indian School Road Beautification and Camelback Road Pedestrian Underpass projects for City of Phoenix and the Waterworks at Arizona Falls, a collaborative effort of SRP and the Cities of Phoenix and Scottsdale. Her genuine enthusiasm for interpersonal interaction, combined with her skill and experience in supporting a wide variety of projects, helps provide clients with a high level of success on their projects.

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Crystal Rubin

Project Management / Community Outreach / Public Information

Crystal Eastman has more than 11 years of experience in community outreach and engagement in both the public and private sectors. She specializes in providing coordination on the implementation of public engagement plans as well as providing public outreach and information support for complex projects during construction. Her expertise includes preparing and distributing project materials and notices, coordinating public meetings, managing stakeholder databases, responding to hotline calls, and addressing issues with adjacent community members. She has also been responsible for developing websites, marketing materials, and press releases. Crystal is particularly adept at keeping the public and clients informed on a regular basis through e-mail and social media. Prior to joining GCI, she worked for a general contractor and local municipalities. Crystal is currently supporting several City of Phoenix construction projects, where she serves as the primary contact with the community, including Avenida Rio Salado/Broadway Road, Lower Buckeye roadway and storm drain improvements and the 35th Avenue and Bethany Home Road Water Main Replacement Project.

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Todd Belzner

Project Management / Real Estate Acquisition, Relocation, Mediation and Estimating

Todd Belzner is a Certified Appraiser whose career spans more than 28 years in real estate and right-of-way acquisition, relocation, appraisal, cost estimation and litigation support for municipal, county and state government agencies in Arizona. Most recently, he was a Project Manager for the City of Phoenix Real Estate Division, where he provided oversight of real estate/right-of-way acquisitions for 13 city departments on a variety of local and federally-funded projects. Previously, he served as the Transportation Right of Way Urban Acquisition Manager for the Arizona Department of Transportation, where he managed the Urban Acquisition freeway program for the freeway systems in the Phoenix and Tucson regions, and before that as a Review Appraiser for the Maricopa County Department of Transportation. Todd has helped save taxpayers millions of dollars on projects by coordinating with project design teams to suggest ways to value engineer projects by minimizing right-of-way acquisition and relocation costs. He has a natural ability to diffuse tense situations and put property owners at ease while working toward mutually-acceptable solutions during the property negotiation process.

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Kelly Cairo

Project Management / Communications / Public Relations

Kelly is a communications consultant offering more than 25 years of experience. She specializes in project management and logistics, strategic communications, and publication writing and design. Her strategy focuses on conveying complex information to specific audiences and works to anticipate clients’ expectations. As a communications consultant, she has worked on numerous projects for the Arizona Department of Transportation, City of Phoenix, and Arizona Department of Environmental Quality. Her past work experience includes Publications Coordinator for ADEQ and Public Information Officer for the Maricopa County Infrastructure Department. Kelly is also a professional fiction writer.

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Project Coordinators and Support Staff


Debbie Fink

Office and Contract Management

Debbie Fink has more than 17 years of experience in office and contract management and has been with Gunn Communications for 11 years. Debbie started her career in the Communications and Marketing Division of a large financial institution where she was responsible for managing the budgets of several departments. She is responsible for GCI’s contract management, accounts payable and receivable.

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Albert Granillo

Public Information / Community Outreach (Bilingual)

Albert Granillo provides bilingual outreach for GCI projects. Albert is a native Spanish speaker who was born and raised in Arizona. He is able to quickly build rapport and trust with community stakeholders in addressing construction-related issues. He currently provides construction phase public information and outreach for the METRO Central Mesa Light Rail extension, assists with construction outreach for the Avenida Rio Salado/Broadway Road and Lower Buckeye Road projects and has also provided general support for other GCI projects.

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