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GCI’s capabilities include qualitative, issue-based research; public policy development and decision-making; and custom-designed engagement and project management processes. Each project is thoroughly analyzed to determine which of the specialized techniques are most effective for achieving desired results.

Public involvement is the cornerstone of GCI’s foundation. GCI is proud to boast that our founder, Theresa Gunn, is one of only four master public participation practitioners in North America, as certified by the International Association for Public Participation. Theresa, and the GCI team, adhere to IAP2 core values, ethics, and utilize the spectrum of participation to set up proper expectations with your audience. Our extensive experience in this field includes successfully fulfilling National Environmental Policy Act requirements for a variety of clients.

There was probably a time when community relations simply meant getting out there and shaking some hands, but in our experience –spanning over the last 20 years – that alone won’t get the job done. Community relations includes getting to know your community through stakeholder research and corresponding database development, conducting community-based needs assessments, and following through with opportunities for involvement. And we’ll never skimp on the old-fashioned hand-shaking.

Whether you need a construction hotline staffed by English- and Spanish-speaking project professionals, or a comprehensive outreach program, GCI has you covered. Construction outreach is tailored to your audience and your goals. Services include writing and designing materials, delivery of notifications, attending meetings, providing presentations, designing custom outreach events, and of course, setting up and managing your construction hotline.

While GCI does offer a vast array of services, we want to make it clear that our work in “public affairs” has nothing to do with sneaking around back alleys taking photos with a telephoto lens. Rather, our brand of public affairs work includes managing your citizen group, facilitating meetings, and providing reports (including well-lit photos). Delivery via manila envelope is optional.

Certainly the best plans avoid a crisis, but sadly, sometimes even the greatest intentions go awry. GCI can provide strategic communication messaging and advice, issue and dispute resolution mediation, and a variety of constructive techniques to build consensus. Plus, we’ll recommend strategies to help avoid a crisis in the future.

Webster’s dictionary defines marketing as – oh, heck-no, we’re not going to break out a dictionary definition. Our marketing strategies include both knowing your customer and knowing your service. GCI prepares materials and communication strategies to handle the gamut – from the supportive potential customer to the undecided, doubtful, or even negative potential customer.

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