Global Connections

GCI Extends Your Reach with a Leadership Role in IAP2.

As a member of the IAP2 International Board, Theresa has a unique opportunity to talk to P2 practitioners around the world. As she travels and meets new people and learns new ideas, she will post and share them with you.

Paris, France

Local Representation – The people in the City of Paris (approximately 2.2 million) are represented by 163 city council members! The City of Phoenix has a population of 1.6 million people represented by eight council members and a mayor, which is typical of most urban cities in the United States. How might the local government decision making processes change if we elected a larger number of council members? Would it be better or worse? Not sure, but it is interesting to think about.

Participation for All: Why? How?

In 2011, AIP2 France conducted an investigation into why the participants in most public participation were the same people, and how they could better include the excluded populations in the processes. Sound familiar? It should, since most P2 practitioners in the US also struggle with this issue.

Read more to learn about their recommendations.

London, England

A familiar site – utlity construction in local streets. See the sign posted to inform the public.