Our newly developed seminar series has been designed to share innovations and best practices in all things communications. Seminars will include interactive exercises, will be limited to small groups and will be led by our Master Certified Participation Practitioner and experienced staff.

Check out a list of our topics below that will be offered soon! 

Planning and Implementing Effective Digital Engagement Processes

This session will provide insight on when to use digital engagement tools and how to select which tool to use. Included will be an overview of the more popular tools available. 

Public Meetings: A Curse or a Marvel

This session will provide worksheets to help determine whether a public meeting is the best approach for your project. Participants will also learn how to plan and conduct less disruptive effective meetings resulting in quality input with less controversies. 

Communicating Technical Information to the Public

Learn how to translate technical information into materials which can be understood and assist the public in providing quality comment. 

Incorporating Storytelling into Proposal and Interviews

Key concepts from successful TED talks will be translated into how firms can use the same techniques to improve their proposals and win interviews. 

Risk Communications for Contractors

This session will provide contractors with tools and techniques on how to handle crisis communications situations that may arise on project sites. 

Plan your Work and Work your Plan

How to plan and implement successful public involvement programs. Determine the level of involvement needed and how to select the appropriate tools and techniques. 

Innovative and Inclusions

An overview of the current trends in community engagement and ideas on how to be inclusive.